Functional breathing & movement performance with DEVA

Improve performance, enhance stamina with diaphragmatic neuromuscular exercises

1-on-1 Coaching for athletes

In addition to working with sports teams, I also offer one-on-one physio coaching to athletes. I offer a tailored approach and programme for your breath and restorative movement training that is tailored to your needs and your sport.

Contact me to discuss how online and in-person physio coaching can work for you.

1-1 Physio Coaching DEVA

DEVA PhysioCoaching

As a Physio & Movement centre DEVA, we provide mentoring and education for coaches, instructors, physiotherapists and yoga teachers.

We certify Oxygen Advantage instructors to be, teaching people about biodynamic of breathing and diaphragmatic strengthening movement.

Contact us to discuss how online and in-person mentoring can work for you.

Physio coaching mentoring